Yin Yang King Bracelet


+// Official Armando Barillas Merchandise
+// Yin Yang King Bracelet
+// Hand crafted in the U.S.A.
+// 100% Micro Pave CZ Cubic Zirconia GunMetal Crown, 10mm Frosting Black Agate With Giraffe Stones, 10mm Matte White Jade Stones, Silver Metal Bead, Metal Wire, Sterling Silver Toggles and Sterling Silver ARBARI Tag.
          Delivery in Presentation Box
It’s believed White Jade gemstone acts as an empowering shield by protecting you form recurring senseless thoughts. It also strengthens your mind and gives you clarity in your perspectives. You will be able to make decisions more assertively and calmly. White Jade furthermore calms down anxiety which is an emotion you never want to face in critical situations. The stone is also known to clear away nervousness and worry.
This crystal can act as your soothing talisman.


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