Move Forward Arrow Necklace


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+// Official Armando Barillas Merchandise

+//Move Forward Arrow Necklace

+// Hand crafted in the U.S.A.

+// Silver Stainless Steel Arrow Piece, Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp and Sterling Silver ARBARI Tag.

Necklace Measures 22″ long with a 2″ extension Arrow

24″ Long Necklace

You must choose to move forward every single day.

Release your grip on past mistakes and do not let regret live inside you. Do not let situations replay over in your head. Take a deep breath, make peace with it and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Moving forward doesn’t mean you are forgetting about your past, it means that you are trusting in your future. Moving forward doesn’t mean that you are letting everything go – it means that you are no longer letting negative things consume you. It’s choosing to not put your life on hold because there is something better to hold on to. It’s leaving what you lost so that you can focus on what needs to be found.

Move forward to heal. Move forward to live. Move forward because there is so much beauty lying ahead.


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