Crystal Power Necklace 


Silver Crystal works on the metabolic limb system, stimulating the nervous system. Silver is a powerful tool when working with mental imbalances such as hysteria, schizophrenia and sexual neurosis.

On a physical level, Silver greatly encourages cellular regeneration, particularly when used in elixir form. 

Silver is great to use for ” New Beginnings”, though through this process, memories pertinent to ones current point in time may be retrieved from the subconscious helping one to avoid past destructive patterns. 

It increases visualization capabilities in respect to bringing oneself back into balance with universe. 

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+// Official Armando Barillas Merchandise
+// Crystal Power Necklace
+// Hand crafted in the U.S.A.
+// 100% Silver Luster Quartz Wire Wrap Stone, Sterling Silver 925 Ball 1.8m Chain and Sterling Silver ARBARI Tag.+// Length 18″ long


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